Like the Bad Girls of the Bible, I have a broken past and a beautiful future thanks to my personal relationship with God. My passion is my missionary work In Niarobi, Kenya. I am working towards becoming a clinical counselor for rape and abuse to be a missionary working towards eliminating Sex Trafficking. Matthew 11:28<3
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| S T R O N G E |

So when I was in Thailand, I told myself that I could purchase a sweater for fall as a souvenir….One night, I came across this gem and thought it said “we’re strong” so I said my Sawatdeekas, gave my bhat…kòp kun mâak ka and felt all peachy trekking away. When asked about my purchase, I giddily threw it on- even though it was a low 105 degrees- and did a little cat walk….only to have someone lovingly bring to my attention that it does not in fact say we’re strong but “were stronge” which….means nothing…in any language…misspelling is common among English words in Thailand but I promised my Thrive family that I would proudly sport it and always think of them when I do♥

I am stronge ( I like to think its a combination of strange and strong which…in fact..is pretty sweet)

| v i l l a g e |

I would do anything to be worshipping in Thailand with these precious gems right now…. (at chan rak kun ka)

" You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know." - William Wilberforce

Blessed to be apart of RESTs ( real escape from the sex trade ) training for the second time and to hear individuals like Edward, speak so fervently and eloquently about issues within sex trafficking, trauma and pornography.

We must share what we know and help equip others to eradicate injustice with a feverish passion and calling. To deny others of your cognitive knowledge and loud heart beat, is to further silent the silence and justify injustice.


When your heart bleeds from the ink of the words they proclaimed, posted on your chest, like a help wanted page….as you stand and slow clap, “Game well played.”

Fight or flight, they flew as you suited up for battle to then come to a field that was empty


Saddle up… for negative space now was made and your seeking has started.

In wondering, you’ve caved.

In oceans you’ve drowned,


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Some days are four cups of coffee days

@change_makes_cents_ makes a change that makes sense…

Each week I’ll post a new item that is making a difference and tag where you can purchase it. Check out some now on @causebased

Wear a mouth piece around your neck…your passion upon your sleeve…Justice around your wrist…your heartbeat on your feet…your calling on your head…freedom on your lips…equality on your legs and hope upon your hips…

be the change

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| c o n n e c t |

Well… @megowns and I had a special weekend. A car crashed into hers, my cars alternator died and then we witnessed a crash in which a drunk driver and passenger hit a car with a family inside. As I was complaining about money and not having a car, I quickly became humbled as we witnessed a huge accident. We jumped out and ran to the family. The little girl and puppy were untouched and the mom and dad went to the hospital for injuries but will recover. The drunk driver and passenger were in very bad condition and we ask that you pray for everyone involved. As I took the little girl to the side to distract her, she looked up as said ” I just really pray everyone is okay, especially my backpack and shark books in there.”

I’m going to be walking to school and just fine doing it. Thank you little girl for giving me a reality check.

So beyond blessed by my roommates and friends who continue to pour love and light into my life and make me realize, especially through the bad days, how good I have it.

@freedomwhistles was able to give our first one for one today! One bought and one given to a survivor of sexual abuse! Help us continue this endeavor to witness survivors wear the symbol of their freedom around their neck as you wear a mouth piece against injustice around yours.


Your heart beats… for a reason darling






(at Seattle Pacific University)

Whether car, boat or plane…you’re really only ever a short ride away.