Like the Bad Girls of the Bible, I have a broken past and a beautiful future thanks to my personal relationship with God. My passion is my missionary work In Niarobi, Kenya. I am working towards becoming a clinical counselor for rape and abuse to be a missionary working towards eliminating Sex Trafficking. Matthew 11:28<3
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| chan rak kun ka | •

There are moments where everything around you seems to be going through the motions while your own constant is being transformed within you….and then there are moments where everything around you seems to be racing in the whirlwind of life while in an memorial instant, your life stands still. And when those two combine…it’s as if your heart shatters and yet is so complete at once that nothing makes sense…and that’s why it makes sense.

It’s when goodbye really means a momentary introduction into a longitudinal hello

It’s when your soul allows your heart to intake more then you thought allowed

It’s when you feel like your work just begun as you’re leaving…which means my work has truly only just begun….

I am ready to not make sense. I am ready to dream so big that others call me crazy. I’m ready to be abnormal and told it’s impossible….

They tell me I am crazy to want to change the world…I would reply but I’m already on a plane ready to try.

Soon to be leaving Thailand…. Chán rak kun ka my Thrive family. Here’s to the beginning not the end.. Thank you for helping equip me and giving me even more of a passion to combat sex trafficking. #shematters (at Suvarnabhum Airport (BKK))

| T r e k |

All I can say…
is that big things are coming….

#shematters #thejusticeschool

We will move….we will make a difference…we will show the S(He) Matters. Exploited and abandoned no more. They will be heard. (at Pattaya City Thailand)

| M O V E |

I want to be a voice for the voiceless but never take away their voice. I want to see world change but to a point where we all make that choice. I want to diminish injustice and tare down borders and live in world where you cant purchase people like food orders. I want to be seen as standing tallest when I am kneeling to help another and stand hand in hand with my sisters and my brothers. I want to break chains and barcodes and make beauty a verb, where helping others is beautiful, stopping trafficking is sexy and our hearts reflect our self worth. I can want all I want but now is the time to do because we all know that world change…starts with you. I am ready to dance within these waters….

Have had some people inquire about me speaking at their bible study, church or event. If you want to partner in eradicating Injustice - email me at kaylie@thriverescuehome.org (at Pattaya City Thailand)

- i n d u l g e -

No one likes being sick but it has reminded me how much I love to read…. Here are some recommended book that I have read, am reading or have been highly recommended and will be reading…

Undaunted Darling- Christine Caine

Sex Slaves- Louise Brown

The Road of Lost Innocence- Somaly Mam

The Sacred Search- Gary Thomas

Redeeming Love- Francine Rivers

This photo was from a while ago at the Light Cafe in Chang Mai…. Coffee with a cause ☕️🌍

(at THE LIGHT Café)

- a l i v e -

How lucky am I to spend my birthday working along side #thriverescuehome here in Thailand. I’ve been blessed enough to witness rescue…witness breakthrough in which these children flourish and come home to place where nothing but honest love and the nurturing promise of a real educated future takes place. I’ve heard them start to develop new dreams because thrive has taught them to dream bigger. Last night, I got to be with my thrive family and an amazing portion of our Thai community from the slum, at our #thegathering - where we’re able to empower, build deeper relationships and show Gods love.

Ofcourse…it all ended in a mass
Dance party where the giggles of the kids overthrew the music… it was the most glorious birthday song I’ve ever heard. I’ve never felt more alive… (at Pattaya City Thailand)

New blog: what I am not…

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"Do not settle or be content in wearing the garments society claims as normal or comfortable. Wear the sun as a crown and let the wind move your feet into the unknown. Do not conform to the world if you know that you’re called to be apart of the sharp yet fluid motion that cuts the chains of bondage and declares to run for freedom and not look back. Educate yourself and take in all the experience that you can, even if it is not your timing."
(at Pattaya City Thailand)

👯s i s t e r🍰

Well beautiful,
It’s been your birthday here in Thailand but it’s finally your day in America! Happy birthday to the whom I love so dearly and am beyond blessed by. Over a decade of sisterhood and it will keep going till we’re crazy old ladies getting in trouble, dancing with our canes, thinking were meeting eachother for the first time so then we will become best friends all over again and so much more. Cheers girlfriend, only a few weeks till we are

What I am not….

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 You know…me coming to Thailand, did not make sense. I had just lost a loved one, quit my job and moved to a new city to finish school. I had turned down another 3 month inquiry in Africa because I believed God wanted me to go home for the summer and work, sense well… I had school and life to pay for out of pocket.

You see, I had always worked multiple jobs to pay for my life… I had known what…

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| a d o p t i o n |

What makes you a parent is bearing witness to a life. To love and to nurture with no ill intentions but only to allow a childhood in which all children deserve. To adopt is to allow the Lord to begin a journey differently then societal norms, in order to create a lifelong bond in which the blood that connects you is that in which the Lord shed so that we could be with each other.

“A son or daughter in any human family is either born to or adopted by the parents. By definition, a child can’t be both. But with God we’re both born of Him and adopted by Him.”

My incredible leaders are adopting this beautiful baby boy. Among all the children in our safe home at #thriverescuehome and the many others that will come, they are opening their home and souls even wider to give this boy a vast, never ending love.

Their soon to be son, their girls and boys whom they treat like sons and daughter and their future children, whether in their home or the safe home… they may not have your smile or your eyes….but they sure do have your hearts.

Please join me in praying for the upcoming birth and end of adoption process.

“I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born”

I can’t wait to adopt one day and thank you to those who have selflessly given their children up for adoption, for those who have, are or are going to along with those around them supporting their journey! (at Pattaya City Thailand)

| แล้วพบกันใหม่ |

It is not goodbye but I will see you later! My village sister mom..chan rak kun ka p’sow. For when we travel…we are forever creating ourselves and I am lucky that you have become apart of my heart and memories.

” Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.”

Go and sow my peacemaker… (at Pattaya Beach Thailand)