Like the Bad Girls of the Bible, I have a broken past and a beautiful future thanks to my personal relationship with God. My passion is my missionary work In Niarobi, Kenya. I am working towards becoming a clinical counselor for rape and abuse to be a missionary working towards eliminating Sex Trafficking. Matthew 11:28<3
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She wears daylight like a crown..

Visiting our friends and handing out rice in the slum, one mum noticed my friend Jenny’s painted nails and explained her love for them…today all of the mums and grandmas got their nails did and were beyond excited as they giggled like little girls and showed off their hands when finished

Today was about the beauty beneath and above their skin and the love within each brush stroke.

Today they each wore the sun like a crown… (at Pattaya City Thailand)

If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her.
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(via kvtes)

World day against trafficking in humans…. We are not for sale…

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The day I bought a girl and the day I was told my worth…•

“She was $9 and he told them that his watch was worth more than them two…He asked why I was wearing a one piece “sexy lady” and when I stated that I like it and felt comfortable in it, he then asked how I would find a husband by covering myself…

While allowing cheap compliments leaving the lips of a manipulator to put a metaphorical price tag on you that states your worth and dignity can be shaped by their false depiction of love and the need for affirmation….

I have had barcodes pressed upon my flesh in too many ways and I will no longer allow that temporary tattoo to stay there when the Lord has already washed it white as snow.”

1 Corinthians 7:23 “You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men.”

Jesus already paid the price so why are we allowing the world to bargain for flesh… (at Pattaya City Thailand)

The day I was told my worth..


“I will pay,  mai bpen rai ka” I said, as to confirm that I would be more than content to cover the cost to take our friend to see a movie with us that night…

As a dancer myself and being blessed with teaching dance here in Thailand, I love the ideology of taking something that others can twist to have a negative connotation for those trafficked and turning it into a healthy release or coping…

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Was blessed by words from @courtennn and @brooke_blomberg today…. •

Even just one…•
Even just one enslaved or redeemed is enough. Is a reason. Even just one matters. Even just one loved. Even just one rescued. Celebrate even just one….

This is Natalie…my soul sister from England in which all the Thai’s look to us and say “same, same but different.” Different mostly because she has an amazing accent and I well…wish. Today we got to see the island next to our home, in the rain and share heart beats. Today we ventured…•

We blew air in our hands as if making a wish on our flesh,
Burning with desire, craving to change the world. Give us soles and souls with no borders…give us divine appointments…give us peace knowing that we have brothers and sisters around the world, blowing out the same candles and celebrating another chance of redemption. Give us love in our hearts and peace in our eyes so that others may see you. (at Koh Larn Island, Pattaya, Thailand)

Last night we met Bua and celebrated her third birthday… Yesterday was her 28th birth day but there was so much more to celebrate. Raised as Buddhist, 8 years ago she found Jesus and dedicated her life to Christ (2). Then…this last February she suffered from a massive stroke. After being turned away from the doctors, stating she just had a migrane, she was finally seen at the perfect timing by a doctor who saw that she had a stroke an that there was availability at that very moment for her to get emergency surgery for the surgeon just happen to be in and free. Told in the beginning that she wouldnt make it, she not only had a full recovery but suffered no abnormalities or side effects from stroke (3). Later, the surgeon asked if she was Christian and she said. He explained that he too was a believer and prayed before the surgery ( just as she had ). They then found out that they both had become believers exactly 8 years ago. •

This morning we had church in Reyong at #yindeecoffeeshop where the incredible owner provides for his wife and daughter, is a pastor to individuals like Bua and others on Sundays and cuts out the middle man to pay the workers well who provides the coffee beans he roasts, to make sure human trafficking does not occur. •
Blessed (at Yindee Coffee House)

Living in a village in central Thailand, this amazing child found a love for music. Using pots and pans, he self taught himself beats and rhythm…Last trip he was given a drum set and when we arrived, we were told that with his passion and dedication, he has been able to earn enough money through the art, to send himself to school and help his grandma with the rice farm…. I just love his heart, drive and singing worship while he played! •

Dream •
Believe •
Do •
(at Gift Box Thailand)

| g r a c e | •
“And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.” •
I’ve received some direct messages about information on myself, #thriverescuehome and permission to repost (which is always a yes, please do!) •
If you would like to collaborate, email me kayliernew@gmail.com.• if you know of some amazing world changing people like @lady_dianna , @kuntzr and @courtennn Or organizations like @fightthenewdrug Or @sherescuehome , tag below! (at Thrive บ้านเย็นสบาย - UYC)