Like the Bad Girls of the Bible, I have a broken past and a beautiful future thanks to my personal relationship with God. My passion is my missionary work In Niarobi, Kenya. I am working towards becoming a clinical counselor for rape and abuse to be a missionary working towards eliminating Sex Trafficking. Matthew 11:28<3
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"Until us boys decide to rise up as the men we were created to be, we will continue to feed into the fear that every man is the same and will hurt women. It only takes one redeemed man to stand up for the value of women and declare, "i Refuse to fall short of Gods standard, i Refuse!" - Cesar Cortez •
Every man is not the same and assumptions and categorical stereotyping should not occur because I will tell you there are incredible men out there doing amazing work. By condemning and grouping all men as abusers or sexists, we exploit and set them up for failure.• We need more honest good men feeling empowered and respected so that they can help lead the next generation into success!• I am so thankful for the incredible men in my life that continue to amaze me and triumph the horrid situations I had been through.• I am blessed and also Love being able to work along side men here in Pattaya, Thailand who are building strong foundations in our boys rescued and prevention to those living in the slums or teens from the village like these ones here! (at Pattaya City Thailand)

I’m a little obsessed with village life here in Thailand. Climb a tree to fetch some coconuts and bananas…venture to get some rice from the rice farm…mix together with some nuts…wrap in a banana leaf to cook and then snack on happiness while singing worship songs. April and I are ready to be village mums!

Standing firm with @fightthenewdrug to showcase that #pornkillslove…•
Fighting again the nefarious crime that is sex trafficking here in Pattaya, Thailand with #thriverescuehome and I can’t help but share what’s been on my heart•
This is a call to all men…

Whether a believer or non believer, this is not a third world issue..this is a world issue…this is an obligation to our own beings…our own hearts to allow everyone to be freed of captivity and past prison bars that have branded their eyes and cognitive perception that feeding into this demand, which in turn exploits the supply, is the only way to fill that hole…that void… that was created by others feeding off of your innocents and vulnerability until you believed society when they stated you could strip your own dignity and wear a mask from the world that screams “STUD” and “KING” if you strip another individual of everything they have and penetrate their bodies physically through “prostitution” or mentally through porn while a knife continues to penetrate in your back from the societal robbing of the indescribably amazing future that could be yours.

He died to pay the penalty for all of the sins of the entire world 1 John 2:2
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This is a call to all men…


Let’s get the unspoken spoken before we continue with this “overrated” “understated” epidemic that is the cognitive turned physical crime of lust. Although my heartbeat marches within the parade against sex trafficking, one must competently understand the correlation and causation between this attack on vulnerability and the attack on a buyer’s heart.  Both a man and a woman within these…

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Village play time… Northern Thailand

You my sister are an undaunted warrior. To keep your family safe within a society that screams a distorted noise stating safety means to compromise and sacrifice in a way in which bar codes are not embedded on items, but your very flesh. •
Understanding that a rice farm and Jesus’ love can conquer the lies stating to sell oneself or others. •
Competently comprehending the empowerment of letting others, like your very niece, thrive in her passion for Christ that she too could step away from streets and into his arms and a healthy lifestyle. •
Where you allow a team to bless your nephew a trade of a drum set for his pots and pans to where he now, with his musical talents at 14, can play worship and earn money that he uses to give to his grandma and send himself to school. •
It is statistically proven that if you allow women in a village to thrive, the village will too be more likely to succeed•
You my sister…are an undaunted warrior…

Trekking through Gods creation, making coconut shavings and eating crickets as part of culture! Did sex trafficking prevention in a village in Northern Thailand this weekend and was completely content sleeping on the ground under mosquito nets and waking up to roosters.

As a downpour of rain surrendered upon the slum, we ran into the nearest home where we were blessed to all gather on the ground and share in food and company …with buckets catching leaks as our hearts caught fire with privilege and pure joy. The kids quickly took us by hand out the door to watch the storm and lighting. Gazing, one particularly struck, allowing the whole sky to lite up as if The Lord was taking a picture with the flash on. I imagined how he would have captured the innocent ringing giggles as they captured frogs and danced. She looked at me as the thunder roared and raised her hands as I gladly scooped her up in my arms to which she then rested her head on my shoulder, her body weight on mine and her love within my soul. As I sang “you are my sunshine,” she drifted to sleep and I thanked God for the rough winds and aggressive storm that allowed this moment. •
“I’ve been told
To pick up my sword
And fight for love
Little did I know
That love had won for me •

Here in your arms
You still my heart again
And I breathe you in
Like I’ve never breathed till now” (at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand)

You are called to love the broken until they understand God’s love— a love that never dies— through you. Yes, God wants you to do signs and wonders. But the love of God manifested through you is what people really need. So you must first see His face. You must become so close to His very heartbeat that you can feel what others feel. I want to live as if I am hidden in His very heart, where His thoughts become my thoughts and His ways become my ways. This is how I will reach the world.
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