Like the Bad Girls of the Bible, I have a broken past and a beautiful future thanks to my personal relationship with God. My passion is my missionary work In Niarobi, Kenya. I am working towards becoming a clinical counselor for rape and abuse to be a missionary working towards eliminating Sex Trafficking. Matthew 11:28<3
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But first let me take a…no first coffee…first always coffee

School work load has complied and another season begins. Excited to become more vastly equip to eradicate injustice as well as help others do the same so we can work together in this fight!

Starting to sell freedom whistles, work along side an amazing organization, continue school and prep to launch an incredible summer intensive in Thailand.

If you have a heart beat and calling to ignite the battle cry in the fight against sex trafficking and want in-depth education along with real life experience, message me. Together….we can breathe upon society, words of truth and acts that proclaim the necessity of freedom. Together…we can change the world.


(at Seattle Pacific University)

You have to be willing to rock the boat of society that claims injustice is but an accepted normality….keeping quiet not only puts you in a belittling bondage but that denial looks a lot like acceptance to those in chains…

We are in the infant stages but our soft launch is here! FreedomWhistles.com

Each batch will be a completely different Logo , whistle and style- so collect em all and share with friends and family! These are perfect for highschool/college students and anyone wanting to spread awareness!

This will help equipped those to eradicate injustice and wear a mouth piece of freedom around their neck!

Founded by @JarridWilson and Co-founded by Kaylie Wilson, a percentage of FREEDOM WHISTLE purchases will go towards individuals who are on the front lines fighting for those enslaved in sex trafficking. This is not only a statement but doubles as a RAPE WHISTLE. Be a voice for the voiceless but never take their voice away…

Let Freedom Ring

The FIRST 7 purchases receive a special packaging/gift from Thailand!

| f r e e d o m |

Sneak preview:

Working in the fight against sex trafficking, I wanted to come up with a product that not only could help me continue my education but could contribute to those already on the front lines, as well as be a fashion piece that doubles as a safety device.

Proceeds % of FREEDOM WHISTLE purchases will go towards individuals who are on the front lines fighting for this freedom. This is not only a statement but doubles as a RAPE WHISTLE. As a survivor myself, I want girls to feel safe and have a means to sound when needed.

Look out for the launch this weekend and get ready to
” let freedom ring “

Today @sidneydiongzon asked me to share a part of my own story, in hopes to encourage others to pick up their shoes and walk the life they were called to live.

I am blessed

I am lucky enough to be considered a rebel


I think we’re just rebellious enough to ignite the battle cry In this fight against injustice. Working with world changers like @sidneydiongzon and @lady_dianna remind me of the all important “&”….things have happened to all of us..some mistakes made against us…some we’ve made…but at the end of each persons testimony is the beginning where it states “&…and now what are you going to do with it.”

Are you ready for whats coming? Follow my friends and get ready to be the change you want to see in the world….tomorrow it’s back to Seattle &….

| u n d a u n t e d | •

Well….today was the amazing @lady_dianna fundraiser for her move to Cambodia with @supportthetrade where she will be combatting sex trafficking and restoring those rescued, through the art of hair dressing…

Today…Being hooked up to IVs at kept me from being there…I even asked to leave and come back or take my fluids with me but they said no…

I was going to speak…going to talk about one of my favorite moments working for the same cause in Thailand, where two precious little gems started screaming…crying and then laughing and singing…all because they saw…. the ocean. Something that was so close to them but so far because of their situation. They danced and looked at us making sure we were seeing the miracle of the waves…

You see, Dianna is the ocean. She is hope and joy and redemption and although some may think rescue is far away…she is right there ready to drown you in truth and love. She is making waves in this injustice crime and crashing at the shore, ready to fight for each one enslaved.

She is the ocean🌊 (at Loma Linda University Medical Center)

| chan rak kun ka | •

There are moments where everything around you seems to be going through the motions while your own constant is being transformed within you….and then there are moments where everything around you seems to be racing in the whirlwind of life while in an memorial instant, your life stands still. And when those two combine…it’s as if your heart shatters and yet is so complete at once that nothing makes sense…and that’s why it makes sense.

It’s when goodbye really means a momentary introduction into a longitudinal hello

It’s when your soul allows your heart to intake more then you thought allowed

It’s when you feel like your work just begun as you’re leaving…which means my work has truly only just begun….

I am ready to not make sense. I am ready to dream so big that others call me crazy. I’m ready to be abnormal and told it’s impossible….

They tell me I am crazy to want to change the world…I would reply but I’m already on a plane ready to try.

Soon to be leaving Thailand…. Chán rak kun ka my Thrive family. Here’s to the beginning not the end.. Thank you for helping equip me and giving me even more of a passion to combat sex trafficking. #shematters (at Suvarnabhum Airport (BKK))

| T r e k |

All I can say…
is that big things are coming….

#shematters #thejusticeschool

We will move….we will make a difference…we will show the S(He) Matters. Exploited and abandoned no more. They will be heard. (at Pattaya City Thailand)

| M O V E |

I want to be a voice for the voiceless but never take away their voice. I want to see world change but to a point where we all make that choice. I want to diminish injustice and tare down borders and live in world where you cant purchase people like food orders. I want to be seen as standing tallest when I am kneeling to help another and stand hand in hand with my sisters and my brothers. I want to break chains and barcodes and make beauty a verb, where helping others is beautiful, stopping trafficking is sexy and our hearts reflect our self worth. I can want all I want but now is the time to do because we all know that world change…starts with you. I am ready to dance within these waters….

Have had some people inquire about me speaking at their bible study, church or event. If you want to partner in eradicating Injustice - email me at kaylie@thriverescuehome.org (at Pattaya City Thailand)